Greece, 1107 BC


Meet Akhaïdes Outlaw.

He was banished decades ago for murdering his brothers. Now he's back, still a savage pariah, not wanted but desperately needed. Will he find peace and mercy? Will he join or will he defy the powers that intend to destroy the world that despises him?

Step through this gate into the world of The Peryton, and find out.


The Peryton

This four-volume series follows one of the most momentous and dangerous yet little-known eras in Western history. The root stock of Western culture - pre-classical Greece - teeters on the brink of destruction, erasure and darkness. The most reviled member of its population faces a choice: help it fail and win all he could dream of, or assure its survival and lose everything.


The Author

Kathryn Berck is an anthropologist, a historian, a mythologist, and a former US diplomat. She is also a respected novelist and an award-winning poet. She has worked in 44 countries, speaks five languages (six if you include English), and can get coffee and a taxi in two or three more. She divides her time between Texas, Mystras, and the rest of the world.

Learn more about Kathryn and why she wrote Peryton here

Her newest project is a retelling of the Iliad from Ajax's point of view. Follow its progress on her blog



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